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Founded in 1972, Roland has nearly four decades of experience in the production of state of the art digital pianos. Over the years, these pianos have incorporated features vital to aid learning and development, meaning they're perfect for teachers and their students.

  • > SuperNATURAL sound
  • > Twin Piano mode
  • > Record and Playback
  • > Built-in audio player
  • > Optional CD drive
  • > Three-year warranty
  • > No tuning needed
  • > Durability and build
  • > Touch and feel
  • > History and heritage
Roland's acclaimed HP range of pianos comprises three models: the entry level HP-302, the HP-305 and the flagship HP-307. These new HP pianos share Roland's market-leading SuperNATURAL piano technology (derived from the powerful V-Piano) as well as a range of features making them perfect for education. First though, let's mention the most important part of a piano - the sound. HP Pianos have a breakthrough "SuperNATURAL piano sound engine" which faithfully replicates the rich tone and expression found in a traditional grand piano, making the sound quality far superior to other digital pianos. Three key elements are dramatically improved: velocity response, note decay, and key-range behaviour. Where previous sample-based technology created coarse "stair-step" gaps in velocity and key range, and unnatural looping in note decay, SuperNATURAL bridges the gaps with perfection smooth and natural three-dimensional sound and response. Put simply: these pianos contain the most convincing, authentic and evocative piano sounds available, giving students the best possible start to their playing career, especially when considered alongside the other educational features found onboard. Unique to Roland and the HP Piano range if the "twin piano" function which allows you to split the keyboard in two. The two players, wearing headphones, can play without hearing each other or have the sounds blended, ideal for teacher/pupil sessions: it's like two pianos on one keyboard!

HP Pianos also include a three-track recorder so pupils can record, playback and save performances making it easier to correct mistakes and suggest improvements. All three pianos come with a wide range of built-in songs which are a perfect way to teach, and you can even play back songs stored on a USB memory stick (or via optional CD drive) meaning the students can play along with the full backing tracks. This is the perfect way to encourage practice, as they can play along with their favourite tunes. Better still, the speed of the song can be slowed down without changing the pitch to allow the student to practise different pieces. Additionally, a centre-cancel function can remove the vocal track from pre-recorded music, allowing the children to sing over their performance. The sublime PHA III keyboard action offers a no-compromise playing surface while the stimulated (escapement) of the keys gives you the feel and response of a grand piano. For piece of mind, Roland pianos come with a three year guarantee. They're also low maintenance so they don't require expensive tuning or regular visits from the piano tuner, another plus for busy music departments.
Royal College of Music

"We've been using Roland pianos for our Keyboard Skills classes for many years. Our students and professors have always been impressed with the excellent action, sensitivity and musical quality of the instruments. Improvements in the latest HP models will further enhance the professional training the very talented young musicians receive at the Royal College of Music."

David Graham, Royal College of Music

For more info on the HP range of pianos call Counterpoint's Roland Product Expert of 01903 538844.

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