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Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA)

The Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA) program is a one-year or two-year term-based licensing program that helps primary and secondary institutions minimize the cost and complexity of providing Adobe software to their faculty, staff, and students on institutionally owned or leased computers.

EEA allows qualified primary and secondary educational institutions to standardize on Adobe products across their institution by offering select products with special pricing and benefits such as:
  • Ease of purchase
    Three pricing tiers to accommodate different types of primary and/or secondary education institutions from a single school site to a large legal entity responsible for multiple schools.
  • Access to the latest Adobe features
    Stay current on Adobe products with access to the latest feature releases with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe’s unique Creative Cloud Packager deployment management tool.
  • Simple license management
    Adobe's Licensing Website (LWS) and Creative Cloud Packager make deployment and license management easy.
Available products
Adobe products available under EEA include Creative Cloud apps and optional add-on bundles of specific Adobe products frequently used by primary and secondary schools. Access to feature releases and updates for applicable products is a benefit of EEA and is included in the licensing fee however Creative Cloud services are not available under EEA.

Creative Cloud apps and any optional add-on bundles must include the total full-time equivalent (FTE) defined during enrollment.

Creative Cloud apps

Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Audition CC
Adobe Bridge CC
Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Adobe Edge Animate CC
Adobe Edge Code CC
Adobe Edge Reflow CC
Adobe Encore
Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CC
Adobe Extension Manager CC
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Flash Builder
Adobe Flash Professional CC
Adobe Gaming SDK
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe InCopy CC
Adobe InDesign CC
Adobe Media Encoder CC
Adobe Muse CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Adobe Prelude CC
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe Scout CC
Adobe SpeedGrade CC

Optional add-on bundles

Bundle 1: Adobe Presenter and Captivate
Bundle 2: Adobe Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements

Program requirements

Educational institutions and legal entities that wish to enroll in EEA must:
  • Agree to the EEA terms and conditions and complete the online enrollment3 process
  • Receive an EEA enrollment confirmation and EEA Agreement Number via email from Adobe
  • Meet the minimum FTE requirement for the institution or legal entity designated during enrollment
  • Have 100% FTE coverage of qualified faculty and staff of the defined primary or secondary school, or for all primary and secondary schools under the legal entity
  • Order term licenses for EEA-eligible products through an Adobe qualified education Reseller for the following:
    • Total FTE
    • The entire EEA term selected during enrollment
EEA term
The EEA term begins on the day that Adobe accepts the institution’s EEA enrollment, known as the effective date.

At the end of the EEA term, the institution must comply with the end of term conditions as defined in the EEA Terms and Conditions (herein "EEA agreement").

License type
The licensing option offered under EEA is term license. The term license includes access to qualified feature releases and updates, for applicable products, as part of the licensing fee for the EEA term as defined in the EEA agreement.

Full-time equivalent coverage

Qualifying faculty and staff
All employees who work more than 200 hours a year make up the FTE count; however, exclusions include nonknowledge workers such as maintenance personnel, bus drivers, cleaning staff, and cafeteria workers. The following do not qualify toward the institution’s FTE count:
  • Students
  • Alumni
  • Workers who have been hired on a contractual basis for services either on or off campus (individuals not directly employed by the education institution covered)
  • Retired faculty and staff
  • Education conference attendees
  • Visitors
Calculating Total FTE
Use the below equation to calculate the institution’s Total FTE and determine the appropriate discount tier. The calculation includes full-time faculty and staff (considered as one unit each), part-time faculty (considered as one-third of a unit each), and part-time staff (considered as one-half of a unit each).

Full-time faculty + (part-time faculty ÷ 3) + full-time staff + (part-time staff ÷ 2) = Total FTE

If the Total FTE ends with a fractional component, the number rounds to the next unit. For example, 100.5 FTE units would round to 101 Total FTE.

Example: The enrolling institution has 400 full-time faculty, 300 part-time faculty, 200 full-time staff, and 100 part-time staff. Calculate the Total FTE as follows:

400 + (300 ÷ 3) + 200 + (100 ÷ 2) = 750 FTEs

This institution qualifies for a Tier 3 discount.

Discount tiers
The institution establishes their discount tier at the time of enrollment by calculating the total FTE of all full-time and part-time faculty and staff employed within the school(s). All discount tiers require 100% coverage of their respective institution type. The discount tier will remain in effect for the duration of the EEA term. A legal entity with less than 300 FTE is still eligible to participate at the 300 FTE level. For example, if the legal entity has an FTE of 257, it may participate in the EEA program at the minimum 300 FTE level by using 300 as their FTE count upon enrollment and placing a purchase for the 300 FTE minimum.

Tier Institution Type Minimum FTE Required Coverage
1 Small school 20 - 69 100% coverage of the defined school
2 Large school 70+ 100% coverage of the defined school
3 Legal entity 300+ 100% coverage of the defined school