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  JamHub Bedroom
JamHub Bedroom For up to 5 Musicians

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JamHub Bedroom, For up to 5 Musicians

If you want to play better... Hear Better

JamHub Studios let you control the sound with up to seven unique mixing sections. You'll hear every note with incredible analog clarity, and thanks to the JamHub Studios' unique silent rehearsal capabilities, you'll never disturb other students or surrounding classrooms.

Each musician has their own section to play in. Set your own mic and instrument levels, then start tweaking. Turn up the bass, drop the keys, and find your groove. Everyone dials in their own custom mix, making it easier to hear, easier to learn, and easier to get lost in the music.

Full stereo inputs mean lush, vibrant soundscapes, greater depth of tone, and a more dynamic, stage-like experience. It's all in the physics. Stereo works with your ears, giving you a more natural sound, with greater clarity and less fatigue, so you get the most out of every jam.

Get your tone on your terms. JamHub Studios faithfully deliver exactly what you put in, without altering or shaping your sound, giving you the freedom of unlimited possibilities, whether you're taking a direct line from your amplifier, keyboard, or kit, or using any of today’s incredible guitar emulators.


Make the most of your limited space and bypass the need for expensive soundproofing by incorporating these unique studios into your music education program. With up to seven musicians playing in each JamHub Studio, you can easily increase your program's capacity and dedicate more time to teaching than to logistics.

Modern Music For Modern Students
Students want to learn the music they've grown up with. Rock. Pop. Jazz. Blues. It all uses modern instruments to bring out the best in creative expression. When you teach kids how to harness that power, it frees them and gets them excited. And excited kids have excited parents. Excited parents get involved, do fundraising and go to their local school board to extoll your virtues, giving under-supported arts programs a much needed advocate when budget cuts roll around again.

Mixing It Up
Teaching modern music can be as challenging as it is rewarding. You're doing more than just teaching students how to play an instrument, you're teaching them how they fit into an organized artistic structure. With JamHub Studios, students quickly become aware of dynamic mixing, sonic space, and other subtle concepts that allow them to more quickly grow as artists and collaborators.

Save Your Ears
Ear Fatigue and tinnitus can be huge problems for music teachers. After hours of blasting horns, a four-piece rock band playing in a JamHub Studio is a welcome diminuendo in the day. JamHub Studios let the musicians play at a low, in-room volume level, so it’s easy for teachers to stay fresh and attentive throughout the day.


  • 15 audio channels for up to 5 musicians
  • 5 XLR and 5 TRS input jacks
  • SoleMix™ controls for each section so everyone creates their own mix
  • 1 SoleMix remote jack (remote sold separately)
  • 1-R switch for quickly listening to recording mix
  • R section for connecting to MP3 or recording
  • Built-in 24-bit stereo effects including reverb, delay and modulation
  • Stage control gives each player virtual stage location in rehearsal studio
What's in the Box?
  • JamHub BedRoom
  • JamHub power supply 
  • Mono-to-stereo adapter (for mono cable emergencies)
  • JamHub BedRoom quick start guide
  • JamHub manual
  • JamHub sticker

Product Dimensions: 282 mm x 172 mm x 56mm  (11.1” x 6.7” x 2.2”)

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